How to Add an eCommerce / eStore to your Website - All Options

You have several options to add shopping to your website.


Create Your Own Store

In your control panel, just add a new page that is a "store".  From there, you can add as many products as you wish and they will be displayed in a gorgeous catalog layout.  Your store is automatically integrated with paypal, so all you need to do is add your paypal email address and you're in business.  

Note:  We do not collect ANY fees from your sales of your products or services.  


How to use Paypal

If you'd prefer to add paypal buttons manually rather than using our Store (which is already integrated with paypal), you can add paypal “buy now” buttons anywhere on your website.  See this tutoriual -  How to Add Paypal to Your Website.

Or, Embed a powerful eStore in your website

If you are looking for more bells and whistles, you might find that embedding an eStore in your website is your best option.  See these options:

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