How to Add a Quick Feedback Survey to Your Website

Add survey to website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a quick feedback survey to your website, using the IconoSites website builder.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is (otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1.  Sign up free KissInsights account. Please click here.

2.  After signing up, please click the Copy to Clipboard button. It will be pasted on your Site Wide Scripts in your Iconosites Header& Footer page. So be sure to copy this code first and paste it inside to your Header & Footer under Site Wide Scripts.

Add survey to your website

3.  Next is to login to your Iconosites Control Panel and click on Header & Footer button.

How to add a survey to a website

4.  Scroll down a little bit and find Site Wide Scripts section. Once you do, paste the code that you’ve just copied from KissInsights then click the SAVE button afterwards. Please see screenshot below.

How to add a survey to your website

5.  Then click CREATE NEW SURVEY button. Please see screenshot below.

Add survey to website

6.  Next select among of the pre-defined survey templates or you may upgrade your account and create your own survey questionnaires. In this example, the second template was chosen. Please see sample screenshot below.

How to add a survey to a website

7.  Next is to type the URL or website address in which your survey box should appear. Also check the Show survey on any sub-page in this section. Click Finish button after doing so. Please see sample screenshot below.

How to add a survey to your website

8.  That’s it, you’ve just created a KissInsight’s quick feedback survey on your IconoSites website. Refresh your website and you’ll be able to see something like the image below.

Add survey to website

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