How to Add a Chat Room to your Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with a chat room.  Get people talking about you, your products and services, and the great things you provide right on your small business website.  Many entrepreneurs do this to start creating a community right on their website.  While this is only meant for certain businesses who can really value from adding a chat room when they make a website, it can be an immensely powerful tool.  We’ll show you how to add a chat room quickly with our free website builder.

1. Go the link then click the Add to your webpage button. Please see screenshot below.

How to create a website

2. Next click the Get the code button then copy the code to be embedded into your Iconosite web page.

Create a website

3. Login to your Iconosite website builder account and create a new page called Chatroom. Please see screenshot below.

Site builder

4. Name your page as Chatroom then click the HTML button. Please see screenshot below.

Add chat room to website

5. Page the code into the HTML Source Editor then click the UPDATE button.  Please see screenshot below.

Add a chat room to your website

6. Next is to set the following settings to your page in order for your chat room to work.

Add chat room to your website

7. Save your work and you’re done.

Site builder

8. You should now have a chat room page in your Iconosite website. Finish.

Add chat room to website

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