How to Make a Product Catalog Using the IconoSites Photo Gallery

Product catalog website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a product catalog with shopping capability using the IconoSites Photo Gallery.  IconoSites is a professional web site builder allows anyone to build a website in minutes.

Written Tutorial

1. Login to your Iconosites account, then click Add Page.  Type in Products (or however you wish to name your product category), and select Photo Gallery as the page type.  See screenshot below.


2. To start creating a product catalog, you'll want to add a photo of your first product. So, click the Add Files button to select your photo. Please see screenshot below.

Product catalog website

5. Select the image file that you would to add in your product catalog album. After selecting, simply click the Open button. Please see screenshot below.

Website product catalog

6. The image to be added is now ready to be uploaded. So click the UPLOAD button to complete the add process. Please see screenshot below.

Product catalog website template

7. Click the pencil icon button to edit the details of your product.  Please see screenshot below.



8.  Now, add your product name, description and price.  See screenshot below.


9. To complete the product catalog, you will need to place a buy button. In this example, the Paypal buy button will be added. Please login to your Paypal account. If you don’t have Paypal account yet, SIGN UP here.

Website product catalog

9. Next fill up the product price and other information. Follow through the steps to complete then click CREATE BUTTON.

Product catalog website template

10. Next copy the Paypal buy code. Please see screenshot.

Product catalog website

11. Go back to your Product Catalog description from your Photo Gallery then paste code after the description. Please see screenshot below.


12. Click SAVE button to complete.

Product catalog website template

Then, checkout your website.  You should have something like the finish product listing below.

Product catalog website

How to add an "Add to Cart" Button on your Web Page

1. Paypal Add to Cart button is just adding a Paypal Buy Now button. First go to this link then click on the PayPal Shopping Cart. Please see screenshot.

How to add paypal to your website

Add paypal to your website

2. Specify the price, description and other options for the item just like what you did previously from the Buy Now Button. Afterwards click the Create button and copy the code.

How do you add paypal to your website

3. Paste the code into your Iconosites Product/Gallery page. Save then view your webpage. You should be able to see like the image below.

How do I add paypal to my website


How to Add a "View Cart" Button

1. Go to this link to start creating your View Cart Button. Click the Create Button once you’re done. Copy the code on the next page. Please see screenshot respectively.

How to add paypal to website

How to add paypal to website

2. Login to your Iconosites account then paste the code at the Other Header Content section, using the HTML button on the Editor. Please see screenshots below.


How to add paypal to your website

How to add paypal to your website

3. Save your work and checkout your webpage. You should be able to see like the screenshot below.

how to add paypal to website

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