How to Add a Commenting Tool to your Website

Want your visitors to be able to add comments on your web pages?  Disqus is one of the most popular and powerful tools to use to allow your website visitors to leave comments on your pages. It’s also extremely easy to use. 

1. Sign up for free at site and then login. Click the ADD button found in your dashboard. Please see the screenshot below.

Free website

2.  Next you need to add/register the URL or the website address of your Iconosites web page just like the example below. Also provide a Sitename and Shortname, the latter will be the unique identifier of your website. Then click the CONTINUE button when you’re done. Please see the example screenshot below.

How to create a website

3. Next scroll down a little bit and click the Universal Code link just like what you see in the screenshot below.

Create a website

4. Next highlight and copy the entire code, you can press on your keyboard CTRL A to select all then hit CTRL C to copy. You’ll going to paste this code into your webpage later on. Please see the example below.

Create a web site

5. Next, login to your Iconosite free website builder account and select which page to place the Disqus comment tool. In this example, we are going to place it on News – Article One page. So just click the Edit link. Please see screenshot below.

Create a free website

6. Next scroll downward and click the HTML tool from your content editor. This will bring up the HTML Source Editor. Please see screenshot below.

Add comments to website

7. On your HTML Source Editor, paste the Disqus Code just below your content text. Then type the Shortname (refer to step 2) to complete the configuration. Please see the screenshot and pay attention to the highlighted text and where the arrow points – this is where you’re going to replace and type the Shortname. Click the UPDATE button when you’re done.

Add comments to my website

8. Save your work by clicking the SAVE & KEEP EDITING button. Please see screenshot below.

Add comments to website

9. Finally checkout your website and see it in action. You should be able to see Disqus comment tool below your content. See finish work below.

Add comments to my website

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