How to Add a Google+ Button

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a web page with a Google+ button so that you can share any content with this extended network. By using the best free website builder, you can add this tool in just a few minutes to your free web site.

Grab the Code for the Google+ Button

1) To begin, create your button first by going over to There you’ll be given the choice between a few sizes, width and language. You can also preview this on the right-side panel. After you’re done with your selection, copy the code by right-clicking on your mouse and choosing ‘Copy‘.

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Now, Go to your Website Builder

2) We’re already half done! Now you just need to log into your Iconosites website creator account and click on a page you would like the Google+ button to be inserted in. For this tutorial, we’ll add the button to the About page where our profile can be shared. This may also be your Companypage. Basically, any page is applicable to this walk-through.

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3) Then scroll down to the page area you want to insert the Google+ button in. Click on the HTML button to insert your code you’ve gotten from Google. See screenshot below.

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4) Now here’s where I recommend that you either make the button visible on the top after the headline as well as the bottom  after your content. Depending on the length of your article, this can vary. By having it above the fold, readers will more than likely share your material. So once you’ve identified the area where you want your button presented, paste the code by right-clicking and select ‘Paste’.

add google+ button to website

add google+ to website

5) Since you can’t see the Google+ button yet, you can test out how it looks like by clicking on Save and Keep Editing and then View Page within the IconoSites website maker. And when you’re happy with the positioning, you can simple click on Save & Exit. From there, go to the page by viewing your site.

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Now your visitors will be able to share your web page with their Google+ network.

Here’s How it Looks on Your Free Website

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Congratulations!  You just learned how to create your own website with a Google +1 button.

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