Default Header: How to get your photos to fit correctly

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How to Get Your Photos to Fit Correctly

You'll want to think of your Default Header like a picture frame.  Every picture frame has fixed DIMENSIONS (width and height), and your goal is to fit your photo within it.  If your photo is larger than the fixed size, some of it will not appear.  Likewise if your photo is smaller than the frame, there will be an empty space.  


When you upload your own photo, it is more than likely that it will not fit into the "frame" (or, fixed width and height dimensions - see secreenshot below) that we have established for your Default Header.  Everyone's photos come in different sizes, so this would be impossible to do!  

This is why we have conveniently provided a resize tool.  The resize tool automatically provides you with a selection area that is the exact width and height of the Header "frame".  You then have the ability to increase the size of your photo, and move the selection area, to grab the section of your photo that you want to appear in your Header (anything outside of the selection area WILL NOT appear).  Once you are happy with your selection and click SAVE, your selection will be cropped and you'll have a perfect fit.  That's all you need to do!


Changing the Dimensions of the Header - Now, while the size of a real picture frame can never be changed, we do give you the ability to adjust the size of your Header.  This is controlled by the DIMENSIONS.  So if you increase the size, just remember that you are increasing the size of your picture frame and all your photos will need to fit into this new size. 

Note: If you decide to adjust the parameters, only change the HEIGHT, not the width (unless you are an advanced user).   

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