Can I prevent people from copying my photos?

We provide some great protection for your photos that you upload to your photo galleries.  You'll notice that we have disabled the ability to right-click on an image, so that nobody can just easily copy it and/or download it.  Since this is the main way that people try to copy photos or images on the web, this is a fantastic layer of security.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that the internet is inherently a place where everything is public, and anything can be copied.  All anyone needs to do is take a screenshot of any web page that exists on the internet, and they'll have a copy.  It's unfortunate but it's a reality.  The good news is that when someone takes a screenshot, it has a maximum resolution of 72 dpi which is very low and is not suitable for printing.  Therefore, if someone we're to try to copy your photo by using a screenshot there really isn't much they could do with it.  An additional security measure you can take is to upload smaller sized photos (not TOO small, but still reasonably sized so your viewers can appreciate it).  Smaller sized photos at 72 dpi just make it that much more difficult for anyone who is trying to copy and reproduce your photos.

By utilizing these tactics, you'll find that even professional photographers are ok with uploading their photos to the internet.  

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