Can I create a clickable email link?

The way to make an email address clickable is the exact same way you make a hyperlink. If you click on the video help icon for the WSYWIG Editor, you can see a video demonstration which shows you how to create a hyperlink.

However, here’s also a written step-by-step:

1. in the WSYWIG Editor, type the email address you would like to display, wherever you would like it to be displayed. 
2. Then, highlight the email address.
3. Then, click the hyperlink button, which is located on the left side of the row of buttons at the top of the WSYWIG Editor.
4. where it says “Link URL”, type in the email address again.
5. another window will pop up, telling you that it has recognized that you have entered an email address and will add a prefix to it. Click OK.
6. Click “Insert”.

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    Thank you very much !!

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