Site keeps logging me out | keeps asking me to sign in

This is happening because the security settings on your browser are too high, and it's preventing our system from saving your login credentials on your browser.  Saving your login credentials on your browser allows us to "authenticate" you each time to try to edit your website.  The reason our system keeps logging you out is because as you load a new page, you aren't allowed to view that page (because your login credentials have not been authenticated) and so our system asks you to login again.

You can fix this by going into the settings/preferences of your browser and lowering your security settings just a bit, so that cookies (or sessions) can be saved on your browser.  It is important to know that this is very common and is not a risky practice.  If you plan on using tools like IconoSites where you login to a secure account, this is a necessity.  You should only lower your security settings just enough to fix this -- you don't need to lower your security settings down to zero protection.  Our suggestion is to just lower it notch by notch and then test it out to see if the problem is fixed (note:  you may need to restart your browser each time you change your security setting, to make sure your browser has updated with the new security setting).

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