How to Add a Google Sitemap (for Google Webmaster)

To complete this, you must have knowledge of how to create a google sitemap.  Once you have created it, follow these steps to upload it to Google Webmaster.

1.  Upload your sitemap file into your FILES section.

2.  After your file has uploaded, select it.  Then, click on the "Info" button.  See screenshot below.

3.  Right-click and COPY the URL of your sitemap file.  See screenshot below.

4.  Follow the steps A-C in the screenshot below:

  • A:  Under Optimization, click Sitemaps
  • B:  Click Add/Test Sitemap
  • C:  Right click and paste the URL (when you paste, make sure the "" part of the URL is not showing.  If it is, delete that part or the URL but leave the rest)


5.  Click the 
Submit Sitemap button.

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    Isolino Ferreira

    Worked great.  I used to create the sitemap, very easy to do.  Thanks.

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    steven storer

    Easy to do and thanks to Isolina above.

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