How do I setup a Favicon?

1.  Copy the code below:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="insert URL here" type="image/x-icon" />

2.  Paste the code into the HEAD section of the SITE WIDE SCRIPTS (which is located on the HEADER & FOOTER page).  See screenshot below.


3.  SAVE your page.  

4.  If you do not already have a favicon image, create one here -

5.  Upload your favicon image into your FILES section.  

6.  After your file has uploaded, select it.  Then, click on the "Info" button.  See screenshot below.


7.  Right-click and COPY the URL of your favicon image.  See screenshot below.


9.  Go back to your HEADER & FOOTER page, to the SITE WIDE SCRIPTS section where you pasted the code into the HEAD section (Step 2 above).

10.  Highlight this part of the code:  insert URL here

11.  Right-Click and PASTE the URL of your favicon. 

12.  SAVE the page.  You are finished!

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    Isolino Ferreira

    Thanks that helped. 

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