How do I customize my site address (i.e. use a custom domain)?

Step 1: Buy a Domain (you do NOT need a hosting plan)

Before you can point your domain name to IconoSites, you first need to own one. If you already own a domain name, go to Step 2. If you do not own a domain name, you can buy one for under $3.00!  See Offers to Buy a Domain for under $3.00  

**IMPORTANT:  With IconoSites, you do NOT need to pay for hosting services from your domain registrar.  You ONLY need to purchase a domain name itself.  (At this time, IconoSites does not sell domain names) **

Step 2: Set Your Domain to Point to our IP Address

Here's Step-by-Step Instructions for:

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you have DOMAIN FORWARDING setup on your domain, YOU MUST REMOVE IT.  If your domain is already pointing to other NAMESERVERS, then you need to PARK YOUR DOMAIN (remove the nameservers).  These settings will cause a conflict.  
- Here is where you can remove domain forwarding on GoDaddy.

If you are not using one of the above providers, we provide three different options to complete this process below. You only need to complete the instructions for one of the options. The reason we provide three options is because each domain registrar varies in the level of control they allow you to have over your domain name, and one of the below options will allow you to point your domain name successfully.

Option 1: I have access to manage the DNS for my domain on my registrar's website.

1. Login to your domain registrar’s website with the username and password for that account.
2. Locate the option for DNS Management (this could also go by another name, such as "DNS Control". You need to find the option that allows you to manage your DNS).
3. Set the IP (A record) of your domain to IP
4. (Option 1) Add a CNAME record (alias) and enter "www" in the Host (different registrars may use a different name, e.g. "Source" ). field. Then, enter in the Points to field (different registrars may use a different name, e.g. "Destination" ). 
(Option 2) Some registrars require you to set the "www" Host field as an A Record. In this case, you will need to set the IP address for this A record to

Option 2: I don't have access to manage the DNS for my domain, but my hosting company does. In this case, you need to ask your hosting company to set the IP address of your domain to While not required, we also recommend that you ask them to create an alias (CNAME) for

Option 3: I can't manage my DNS at all While situations are rare, they are possible if your domain was registered with a smaller hosting company. You can still point your domain to use by using one of the many free DNS hosting services like EveryDNS, ZoneEdit, or Xname. While the interface for each of these is slightly different, your goal is the same: You need to create an "A" record pointing to IP Then, you need to add a CNAME record (alias) and enter "www" in the Host field (different registrars may use a different name, e.g. "Source" ). Then, enter in the Points to field (different registrars may use a different name, e.g. "Destination" ).

Option 4: If none of the above are working, please contact us.

Step 3: Connect Your Domain with IconoSites

To complete this step, login to your IconoSites Control Panel and go to the "Site Address" section. Type in your custom domain name and click "Send Request".  Note:  To complete this step, you must be a paying member.

That's all!

Give it about 24 hours, and your website will be live at your new domain name.


If you have completed the above instructions or are having trouble doing so, you'll need to contact your Domain Registrar for help.  When you do this, tell them this exactly:

"I am trying to point my domain to IconoSites (another web host) using an A Record and a CNAME.  

The "A Record" needs to point to the following IP Address:

The "CNAME" needs to have a host of "www" and it needs to point to "".

Can you please help me accomplish this ASAP.  Thank you."

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    My domain has been set up for a while, still, when I click on one of my links, it reads and then when I click on my "home" page link it still reads This makes no sense as I have my site set to point to and have it bookmarked as such, therefore I know it works.  why does it change back to old iconosites address?  doesn't look at all professional!!!!  I have other issues as well, but I'll go to the correct page for that.

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    Melissa Miranda

    I did this and had it working, now I get on my site and it says  It should just say my domain name.... what's going on?

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    Eric Pettway

    I though I didn't have to pay its says 100% free!!!!!

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