How to Edit/Customize a Design Layout

Yes. Here's how.  

Where to Change Your Design, & How to Customize It

1. Login to Your Account - and then go to the DESIGNS section

2. Change Your Design - In the SHARED LAYOUTS section, find the design you want to activate and click CREATE COPY & ACTIVATE LAYOUT. Your new design will be instantly implemented.

3. Customize Your Design - In your MY LAYOUTS section, find the design you want to edit and click on the pencil icon to start editing. If you want to change fonts, colors, and more please see How to Edit CSS on your Website.  If you're a programmer, see How to Design/Code from Scratch using HTML.

4. Need Help? - Make use of the TIP and VIDEO buttons for every feature in IconoSites, to see a quick tutorial.
Want to Hire a Professional to make changes for only $5? If you are not comfortable with making edits to your HTML/CSS, we recommend using a CSS expert on because it only costs $5 and you can get several design changes made all at the same time. Here’s the contact information of an expert that our users have recommended –
Want to Learn how to make CSS & HTML changes?  See our tutorial on How to Edit CSS on your Website.
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